Coco Chocolate is happy to work with independent and corporate partners to develop some unique & delicious flavours. Our skilled Chocolatiers can deliver the most beautiful, custom made product that will match your personal style and reflect your brand’s personality. Please give us a shout if you think that we could do something together.

Coco is proud to work with companies such as Harvey Nichols, Dalmore Whisky, Innis & Gunn and Pickerin’s Gin.


Harvey Nichols

Cranberry, Cinnamon & Nutmeg Dark Chocolate Bar. Luxurious Chocolate Bars made by Coco for Harvey Nichols include flavours like Dark Cranberry, Cinnamon & Nutmeg, Milk Lavender & Violet, White Strawberry & Balsamic, Dark Lime & Coconut, Milk Scorched Almonds and Dark Mint & Coffee. All are hand-crafted and executed with the highest precision.

Dalmore 1974

Three unique chocolates created as the perfect accompaniment to The Dalmore's rich and intense Single Highland Malt whisky. Aroma chocolate infused with warming spices and cranberries lovely with Dalmore's zesty orange and ripe banana bouguet, Taste pure and dark single origin chocolate ideal to melt in your mouth before sipping the whisky and enjoying its sumptuous flavours of Seville orange, Finish chocolate piece with spicy ginger oil to enjoy while decadent Matusalem walnut and aromatic spices of Dalmore's whisky linger on.
pickerins gin bar

Pickering’s G&T Chocolate

Beautifully crafted, non-alcoholic Dark Chocolate infused with Pickering’s Gin botanicals to compliment this marvelously mixed drink. Both, Coco Chocolate and Pickering's Gin are made in Summerhall, Edinburgh. The very same eclectic and elegant location.
xero box open

Xero Box

Customized box of hand-crafted chocolates made for Xero. Dark, milk & white chocolate bite-sized pieces with cocoa butter transfers on top. We are delighted to hear that Xero was ranked as the world’s most innovative growth company by Forbes. Congratulations!