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Join us for our Chocolate Connoisseur Evenings where you will learn about chocolate and taste a variety of sublime samples.

You will learn the Process of Making Chocolate from Bean to Bar, tasting cocoa nibs and cocoa butter in its pure state.

You will discover the history of the most delicious food from its very beginning.

Find out what Chocolate Tempering means and how it is achieved by the Coco Chocolatiers.

Learn how to know what is REAL chocolate. You will learn five sensory tests of what makes a superior chocolate bar.

To complete your connoisseur experience we will finish with some exciting wine and chocolate pairing.

After the hour of fun, tastings, knowledge & wine you will become a true connoisseur!

£18 per person

Chocolate Connoisseur Evenings are held in our STOCKBRIDGE SHOP (20 Reaburn Place, Edinburgh, EH4 1HN) on Fridays between 7.00 – 8.00pm.